Order Returns Policy

Our company is responsible for the quality of the goods sold and is ready to reimburse the cost of the defective goods during its warranty period. Details are accepted for return in case of their obvious defect/malfunction, i.e. if the possible visual determination of defect/malfunction.

Shipment returns are possible subject to the return conditions listed below:

  • The goods presented are not in the list of goods not subject to exchange and return;
  • It was not used, and is preserved in the form in which it was acquired;
  • Less than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the goods;
  • There should be a payment bill or sales receipt.

Additional requirements for packaging quality:

  • Preservation of factory packaging, equipment, and presentation, lack of oil, grease, fuel, installation traces;
  • Shipping costs are borne by the sender;
  • The goods must be delivered to the company warehouse no later than 14 days (from the time taken for delivery).

In case of failure to comply with these requirements, the supplier reserves the right not to accept returns.

In case of defect detection after installation on a car, spare parts are accepted for return if the following package of documents is available:

  • Service order bill, which indicates information about the car and the repair;
  • Package of documents for registration of service stations;
  • Act of complaint with the service station, indicating the defect reason.

When returning defective goods, the full amount is refunded within 14-21 days from the date of purchase.

If the client has ceased to need the purchased goods, and the reason for the return is solely his initiative, then, in this case, he is credited with the deduction of expenses incurred by the supplier.

If the reason for the return is a mistake made by us (re-grading, manager error, error in the program), and the client can prove it, in this case, the full amount is credited on the return.

Order Return Process

To start the return process, you must notify our company — contact a technical support representative and inform him of the defect or defective parts. After that, you will receive an email notification with all the useful information regarding the return policy and the number of refunded funds.

The exact procedure for returning purchased auto parts:

  • In order to return the purchased goods, the client must apply for a return and obtain the consent of the responsible manager for the return.
  • Applications filled in the standard form are accepted to the e-mail box of the online store indicated in the contact details. As the subject of the letter, indicate «Application for the return of the purchased goods.» Add the completed application in the attachment to the letter.
  • Filed applications are considered within 2 business days. Upon making a decision on the submitted application, the manager notifies the client about whether a refund will be accepted and on what conditions. Notification can be sent by e-mail or by phone.
  • If the client agrees to return the goods on the terms agreed with the manager, the goods must be delivered to the supplier’s warehouse within 2 days from the date of confirmation of the application, with notification of the shipment of the goods. The goods must be accompanied by a printed return request, where the customer must indicate the manager who agreed to the return of the goods.
  • If the return of the goods was sent without prior notice/approval, if there was no confirmation of the manager on the submitted application for the return of an incomplete package of supporting documents was submitted, the return is not accepted. All expenses associated with the storage of goods in the transport company and other expenses are paid by the sender. The supplier reserves the right not to pick up such goods from the transport company, or send it back without crediting the amount.
  • Upon receipt of the goods at the warehouse, the goods and accompanying documents are checked for compliance with the data in the return application. In case of discrepancy between the actually received goods and the declared or incomplete package of documents, as well as their incorrect filling out, the goods will not be accepted, about which the client will be informed.

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