ARB Frontal Protection Bull Bar Deluxe Mitsubishi L200 2010+ (arb,3446320)

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ARB Deluxe Bull Bumper

The Deluxe series is the most versatile version of the ARB bumpers.

Thanks to a special approach to the development of bumpers ARB you get protective equipment, ideally suited to your car. Fastenings are made with application of the crumpled zones corresponding to strict safety standards. The bumper is compatible with the operation of the SRS sensors. Wincher with mounting dimensions Warn is provided.

The most important protective element of the car is the front power bumper. The main task of the bumper is to ensure the safety of the car and passengers while driving on off-road and public roads. None of the other alternative protectors has the same degree of reliability, functionality and integration with the car. In order to ensure that the front bumper flawlessly fulfills its protective function, many parameters are taken into account when developing its design:

  • Increased strength;
  • Additional optics;
  • Durable coating;
  • Polyurethane inserts;
  • Hidden indicators;
  • Mounting system;
  • Compatible with winches;
  • Mounts for additional accessories;

Here you can buy the power bumper ARB model Deluxe, this model is the widest range of bumpers produced by the company. Bumper ARB Delux are recognized as the most advanced, functional and practical. None of the existing systems of protection in the front of the car does not have a share of the safety factor inherent in the design that ARB has been producing for more than 25 years.

When designing the front bumper, it is very important that such an indicator as the moment of deployment of airbags remains unchanged. To ensure compatibility, ARB evaluates the drag resistance characteristics of the car and reproduces this figure in the front-guard design. ARB invests heavily in crash tests to confirm the performance of the bumpers and their compatibility with airbags. Before starting production, for each bumper, factors such as the design of the car, the coefficient of the car's strength in a frontal impact, the placement of airbags, overhang angles, the installation of accessories, the compatibility of the attachment points, the weight and external characteristics are calculated and taken into account.

To protect the back of your SUV, there is no better option than the proposed ARB rear bumpers.

The rear bumpers of the ARB perfectly protect the vulnerable rear panels of the car, serve as an additional step, and their design is such that it does not increase the rear overhang of the car.

All rear bumpers of ARB for pick-ups have an integrated trailing device. The delivery set includes a towbar.

ARB Summit Sahara Bumper

The ARB Sahara protective bumpers feature most of the features of the Deluxe bumpers, including the proprietary technology of multilayer metal bending, but offer a more modern look and a compact design, without compromising practicality and functionality.

The ARB Sahara power bumper provides a solid and reliable platform for attaching additional equipment, such as Warn and Tabor winches, additional lights and radio antennas. Optional fog lights are also available.

The Sahara bumper can be configured with or without a chrome polished central arc. Also, for all models of bumpers "Sahara", the option of painting in the color of the car is available.

SmartBumper Frontal Protection

The creation, development, and launching of a power bumper requires a careful study of a number of factors to ensure that the product correctly fulfills its function and provides the best fit, appearance and functionality for a particular vehicle.

Such components as the unique appearance and aesthetics of the SUV, the speed of emergency operation of airbags, approach angles, the location of accessories, the weight and power of the car. All this is taken into account in each ARB bumper before entering production.

ARB Frontal Protection Bull Bar Deluxe Mitsubishi L200 2010+ (arb,3446320) - Features

Brand ARB
Installation side Front
Make Mitsubishi
Model L200
Weight 176.37 lbs
Bar Code 9332018020437