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Mickey Thompson 90000036827 Baja Boss A/T Tire LT285/65R18

Buy Mickey Thompson 90000036827 Baja Boss A/T Tire LT285/65R18
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Item: 90000036827
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Premium Extreme Hybrid All Terrain Tire. The New the Baja Boss A/T delivers undisputed on-road handling, performance and tread wear while also dominating in the mud, thanks to its asymmetric tread design.

It's Mickey Thompson's best A/T to date - aggressive looks, low noise, long-lasting tread life, smooth ride, and severe weather rated.


  • Asymmetrical tread pattern is optimized for reduced noise, all-weather performance, off-road traction and on-road handling
  • Extreme Sidebiters are 150 percent deeper, than the Baja ATZ P3, for a bold look, extreme off-road traction and protection
  • PowerPly XD adds 50 percent extra denier cord to provide even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and quicker steering response than our original PowerPly
  • Silica-Reinforced Compound for on-road tread wear, cut and chip resistance, and improved wet handling and braking performance
  • 50,000 mile tread wear warranty, instills confidence that the Baja Boss A/T is built to last
  • Severe Snow Service Rated with the 3PMS Symbol certifies that all sizes 12.50 (315) and narrower are severe snow rated


  • Series: Baja Boss A/T
  • Tire Size: LT285/65R18
  • Rim Diameter: 18.0 Inch
  • Ply Rating: 10
  • Side Wall: Black Sidewall
  • Compound Designation: T1
  • E Mark: E4-0037833
  • Clean Oil: Yes
  • CCC Mark:Yes
  • I Mark: No
  • Comp Flotation Designation: 33X11.50R18LT
  • Service Description: 125/122Q
  • Stamped Single Load Rating: 125
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Load Range: E
  • Measured Rim Width:8.5
  • Minimum Rim Width: 8.00 Inch
  • Warranty: 50,000 Mile Tread Wear

Mickey Thompson 90000036827 Baja Boss A/T Tire LT285/65R18 - Features

Tire size LT285/65R18
Inflated Tread Width 10.04 Inch
Load Range E
Measured Rim Width 8.5
Revs Per Mile 625
Max Load 3,640 lb
Side Wall Black Sidewall
Minimum Rim Width 10.00 Inch
Stamped Single Load Rating 125
Tread Depth 32nds 18.5
Volume CU Meters 0.203 m3
Rim Diameter 18.0 Inch
Clean Oil Yes
Volume CU Foot 7.2 ft3
Ply Rating 10
CCC Mark Yes
Speed Rating Q
Circumfernce Imperial Unit 104.1 Inch
E Mark E4-0037833
Compound Designation T1
I Mark No
Comp Flotation Designation 33X11.50R18LT
Inflated Overall Dia IMP 33.15 Inch
Inflated Section Width 10.9 Inch
Series Baja Boss A/T
Brand Mickey Thompson
Weight 65.98 lbs
Гарантия 50,000 Mile Tread Wear
Country of Origin USA
Available Available
Legacy Mickey SKU 53831