Old Man Emu 4" Suspension Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler JK (OMEJK4)

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Important Notes:

  • Maximum Tire Size with No Modification : 35"
  • Maximum Tire Size with Fender Trimming and High Clearance Fender Flares: 37"
  • When fitting larger tires, aftermarket wheels with greater offset (less backspacing) may be required to clear sway bar links and control arms.


  • 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK

OMEJK4 — old man emu jeep jk wrangler kit

If you feel like you need to “max out” your jeep’s suspension and you want to buy a “remove and install” kit, omejk4 is your perfect solution. The kit allows you to make a replacement even on your own, and the Level 3 Installation procedure itself takes from 5 to 7 hours without a profound car alteration. Those who want to buy omejk4, shouldn’t worry about the costs. 4X4ok company offers best purchase conditions: omejk4 price from the manufacturer with an official quality guarantee and no overpayments.

Short description

The Old Man Emu brand kit is designed to increase the ground clearance by 4 inches for the Wrangler JK by Jeep® car brand. The Omejk4 system is suitable for both two- and four-door cars. This kit allows you to achieve your ambition of a comfortable and safe ride in the wildest and most impassable terrain. The old man emu 4 jeep jk wrangler kit accessories are a great opportunity to prevent the rolling motion of the car on any road surface. This way you can upgrade your jeep without profound alterations, and with minimal money and time.

Description and specifications of the old man emu omejk4 kit

Jeep Wrangler JK omejk4 4-inch Suspension Elevator Kit offers value for money and ensures great ride and car handling. OME kit is an alternative to the standard suspension, which is easy and quick to install.

Omejk4 kit includes the following parts:

  • Front Nitrocharger Sport Shocks (2);
  • Rear Nitrocharger Sport Shocks (2);
  • Front Coil Springs (2);
  • Rear Coil Springs (2);
  • Front Coil Springs Spacers (2);
  • Rear Coil Spring Spacers (2);
  • Front Adjustable Track Bar (1);
  • Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket Kit (1);
  • Caster & Driveline Kit (1);
  • Bump Stop Kit (1);
  • Steering Stabilizer (1);
  • Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket (1);
  • Brake Line Relocation Bracket Kit (1);
  • Sway Bar Disconnect Kit (1).

Regarding the purchase of accessories old man emu jeep jk 4 inch lift review will help you make the right decision. After all, every part of the system is a work of "engineering art".


Important components of the omejk4 suspension kit are linear springs of the highest steel grade (X5Khigh grade steel). Despite the different road conditions, they provide reliable vibration damping. Integrated balancing seals provide the most accurate lifting height. For the same reason, the installation of additional accessories is smooth and quick.

Shock Absorbers

The new Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers are the best in their segment. They allow you to use standard joints, so you do not have to buy them. In addition, the old man emu omejk4 shock absorbers are equipped with a control valve for individual hardness adjustment. Nitrocharger Sport increases the kit lift by 100 mm. Thus, driving is becoming more comfortable due to a significant improvement of vehicle flotation.

Panhard Rod

Panhard rod in the old man emu jeep jk 4 inch lift kit is adjustable, that is, it can be customized to individual needs. Customized suspension system for the Wrangler JK model by Jeep® is made of Hi-4140 steel, which provides the new Nitro Sport Shocks a long service life under heavy use.

Relocation Kit

The Relocation Kit easily solves the problem of correct rear axle attachment with increased ground clearance. The system is designed using Design SolidModelling and FEA. In this case, the installation of reinforced springs and long-stroke shock absorbers won’t be enough. In order for omejk4 to perform its work as efficiently as possible, the bridge must be correctly fixed and centered.

Rubber dampers (Bump Stop)

The omejk4 suspension kit also includes rubber dampers. They serve to prevent shock force and deformation in conditions of maximum compression of shock absorbers. Thus, the raised wheels will not deform the body, and the bridge frame will last for many years.

Caster Correction & Driveline Kit

Caster Correction & Driveline Kit is responsible for the correct suspension geometry without replacing the factory universal joints. These spacers with a shifted center always do their job perfectly.

Steering Damping

One of the key advantages of the omejk4 kit is the steering damping system that compensates for the vibrations of the front axle transmitted to the steering wheel. This phenomenon occurs when the ball bearings are worn and the heavy rough tires are unbalanced. Steering Damping helps delay damages and extend the steering life.

Steering Damper Relocation Bracket

Steering Damper Relocation Bracket is an important part of the kit, as it completely eliminates the vulnerability in the factory assembly. The standard attachment of the traction bar when moving over large obstacles is the Achilles heel of the car. But if you buy omejk4, you can forget about this problem.

Brake Line Relocation Kit

A change in the position of the brake lines is also required when increasing the clearance and suspension moves. Brake Line Relocation Kit are special brackets in the omejk4 system that are responsible for optimizing the attachment points of brake lines (without removing the lines themselves). All you need for maximum effect is bleeding the brakes.

Why should you buy OMEJK4 4" for your WRANGLER in our store?

In the 4x4ok store you can buy omejk4 of original quality, as our company works directly with the Old Man Emu manufacturer. That is why omejk4 price is official, without intermediary margins. In addition, our company is responsible for the quality of goods sold and is ready to reimburse the cost of defective products during the warranty period. Delivery of the order is carried out across the United States. And with a purchase of $75 or more, shipping is absolutely free! To do this, indicate “Standard Delivery” when placing your order, and the shipping cost will not be added to the invoice. Still have questions? Call

Old Man Emu 4" Suspension Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler JK (OMEJK4) - Features

Brand Old man emu
Category Lift kits
Installation side Front, Rear
Lift Height, mm 100mm
Lift Height, inch 4"
Front Load No Bar, Bar, Bar & Winch
Rear Load Medium Load, 150kgs, 300kgs
Make Jeep
Model Wrangler
Weight 127.87 lbs
Bar Code 9332018004154