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Old Man Emu Rear Coil Spring (kit) Nissan Patrol Y61 Lift +100mm +200kg (ome,3037)

Buy Old Man Emu Rear Coil Spring (kit) Nissan Patrol Y61 Lift +100mm +200kg (ome,3037)
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Item: 3037
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Благодаря Австралийской компании OME, каждый пользователь получил возможность оснастить джип комплектацией международного класса. Пружины оме популярны среди профессиональных гонщиков, механиков военной техники, охотников и т.д.

Особенности профессионального производства

Для получения высокого качества, при производстве используется особенная технология формирования. Двухэтапная обработка позволяет исключить возможность проседания изделия в процессе эксплуатации. Данная технология получила патент и реализовывается исключительно на официальном производстве.

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Мы представляем….

Приобретая пружины old man emu, вы имеете возможность подобрать подходящую модель под разные типы нагрузок на большинство авто и по типу лифта подвески. Какую именно модель выбрать? Всё зависит от вашего способа эксплуатации внедорожника (гонки, городская езда, выезд на природу, загородные путешествия и т.д.). Большинство делятся на типы по нагрузкам:

· Без нагрузки (под оригинальный бампер)

· Средней нагрузки (под лебедку)

· Усиленные пружины оме (под cиловой бампер)

· Пружины для бронированных авто

For more than 20 years, engineers of the OLD MAN ENE have been working on the development and improvement of springs. They know very well how to create the best of the best for your all-wheel drive car. First of all, during development, it is necessary to ensure the conditions of the least load, which will prolong the springs life. Powder paint, which is painted with springs, will provide a quality look even after several years of use.

Our advantages are:

  • Consistency
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • The OME springs are produced by means of high-quality metal, which keeps the shape and provides the proper level of control under non-standard conditions.
  • At the final stage, the spring is treated with a specially developed coating, which allows the product to maintain an irreproachable appearance and inhibits the process of corrosive changes.
  • Endings have the right form and achieve complete interface with the mechanism of depreciation. Test drive products on the complex landscape of Australia has allowed to prove the effectiveness of SUV parts from the company OME and get production certificates of international standard quality.

It is necessary to ensure the consistency of the processes under which springs are created: starting from the materials from which they are made and ending with the equipment on which they are produced. All this is fully ensured by the production of springs by ARB.

Springs with different loads OLD MAN EMU offers for different cars - even for those that you thought it is impossible!

The tips of the springs are designed in such a way as to ensure perfect compatibility with the design of your car. Persistent powder coating provides a quality appearance for many years.

Complex SUV suspension system can not function without being fully manned. This mechanism includes springs, the quality of which is incredibly important. To determine the carrier functions for your car, you need to know exactly your needs and not be shy about your desires, because now there are products capable of fulfilling any needs.

The spring of the suspension only at first glance seems to be a simple piece of spiral twisted steel rod. The coil spring not only holds the weight of the car and provides the nominal height of the ground clearance when the car is stationary or moving along the road. It also determines how the car behaves when you hit the obstacle. Although, of course, when hit in a pit, the shock absorber has a certain effect on the course of the spring, forming together with it an elastic system with certain properties. The energy that results from vertical movements of the body of the car accumulates in the spring when it is squeezed. The spring "wants" to release this energy by means of expansion. This will lead to body movements that destabilize the car and make it extremely unsafe and uncomfortable. To prevent this effect, the system provides a shock absorber. However, the properties of this system, with the regular work of shock absorbers, are again determined by the spring.

Thanks to the Australian company OME, each user has the opportunity to equip the jeep with an international-class package. Coil springs are popular among professional riders, mechanics of military equipment, hunters, etc.

To obtain high quality, special production technology is used in production. Two-stage processing allows to exclude the possibility of subsidence of the product during operation. This technology has received a patent and is implemented exclusively in official production.

In the production process, professionals pay attention to every detail:

By purchasing the coil springs of OLD MAN EMU, you have the opportunity to choose the right model for different types of loads for most cars and the type of suspension lift.

По типу лифта (высот ):

· Без лифта

· Лифт 0-50мм

· Лифт 50-125мм

Old Man Emu Rear Coil Spring (kit) Nissan Patrol Y61 Lift +100mm +200kg (ome,3037) - Features

Brand Old man emu
Category Coil springs
Installation side Rear
Lift Height, mm 100mm
Lift Height, inch 3"
Rear Load 200kgs
Make Nissan
Model Patrol Y61
Weight 53.79 lbs
Bar Code 9319092026289