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Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension Lift Kit 2-2.5” (Light Load) Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door (OMEJK2DBP51LK)

Buy Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension Lift Kit 2-2.5” (Light Load) Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door (OMEJK2DBP51LK)
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OME™ BP-51 Light Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit with 2" Front and Rear Lift Height (OMEJK2DBP51LK) by ARB®. Take the guess work out of ordering your Old Man Emu customized suspension system by order this complete kit with a single part number. This complete Old Man Emu suspension kit is engineered to improve ride and handling while providing approximately of suspension lift to a constantly heavy loaded vehicle. 


  • Engineered for both on road and off road drivability
  • Durability proven under extensive laboratory and real life testing, supported by scientific data logging
  • Instantaneously adapts to the terrain
  • Dramatically improved low and high speed control for increased comfort and control over all road surfaces
  • Made in Australia

Parts Included:

  • (2) Front Shocks (Part Number BP5160031)
  • (2) Rear Shocks (Part Number BP5160032)
  • (1) Front BP Kit (Part Number VM80010014)
  • (1) Rear BP Kit (Part Number VM80010024)
  • (1) Front Coil Spring (Part Number 2615)
  • (1) Rear Coil Spring (Part Number 2617)
  • (1) Panhard Extension Bracket (Part Number FK37)
  • (2) Front Trim Packers (Part Number OMEJKPF10)
  • (1) OME BP-51 Drink Bottle (Part Number 217615)

Old Man Emu 4×4 Suspension

Undoubtedly, a modest shock absorber is one of the most undeservedly ignored components of the suspension of a modern all-wheel-drive car. On the road, the suspension of the car, and especially the shock absorbers, is subjected to the strongest impact, is in constant motion. Without a good shock absorber, you will at best pass a little more than 50 meters before it starts to shake insanely. How can each shock absorber with crossed terrain, both on the road and off-road? Can they give the driver a sense of confidence? How will they cope with the woodland? After all, in addition to the price, it is these factors that influence our choice when we are looking for new shock absorbers. The main function of the shock absorber is to slow down and control the movement of the car as the suspension is experiencing all kinds of movement. A good shock absorber can control the movement of the wheels when driving on bumps, and also keep the grip of tires with the track.

With a changing speed, controlling the movement of the spring is not so easy. Every bump that responds inside the car must be damped by springs and shock absorbers. If the latter can not cope with the task, then the majority of all-wheel drive cars will shake mercilessly on the road. Unsuitable shock absorbers cause not only unpleasant sensations when traveling, but also make driving dangerous regardless of speed. Old Man Emu 4×4 suspension by ARB combines all these qualities and guarantees the quality of its product. Over the development of parts work exclusively professionals. Used only quality, original podcast. For this there is a complete complete set. In the process of creating a balance of the shock absorber there are a number of subtleties, considering that it is necessary to maintain maximum control over the movement without sacrificing convenience at the same time. Old Man Emu invest in endless research and innovation to create the shock absorbers suitable for every car and type of route. It is this balance of control and comfort for your good shock absorber.

OME suspension parts are developed, tested and manufactured in Australia. OME can offer you the only fully developed and completed suspension system. The system, all the details of which fully match each other. In the design department of the OME various types of shock absorbers are developed and tested together with the corresponding springs. After a thorough check of shock absorbers and springs under different road conditions and with varying degrees of load of the car, the developers make changes in their design. Tests and changes continue until the ideal match of the technical characteristics of the springs or springs of each particular model of the car is achieved. The company steadfastly follows its principles, being in constant search of optimal solutions, which guarantees the correspondence of details to each other and the ideal operation of the components of the system, as well as provides the best solution to suspension problems.

OME delivers all the necessary parts and accessories in addition to springs and shock absorbers, including polyurethane bushes for a more quiet and free operation of springs, steering dampers, suspension earrings.

Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension Lift Kit 2-2.5” (Light Load) Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door (OMEJK2DBP51LK) - Features

Brand Old man emu
Type Adjusters Adjusters
Category Lift kits
Installation side Front, Rear
Lift Height, mm 65mm, 0-65mm
Lift Height, inch 0"-2,5", 2", 2,5"
Front Load No Bar
Rear Load Medium Load, Light Load
Model Wrangler
Weight 160 lbs
Bar Code 9332018055002